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LED Lighting Solution:

Save a billion watts begins with you...

As we know that, in our country we have a big shortage of electricity. It has been estimated that power outage in Bangladesh results a loss of annual industrial output of $1 billion. Power is one of the major reasons of slow GDP growth and the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has recognized the power sector as a priority sector.

Though it is not possible to overcome this situation in a short period. So, we have to take some steps to overcome this situation to reduce our uses by saving our electricity. For that we Intelesys Limited took some new ideas to use electricity efficiently. Recently we have implemented a project called The journey to save a billion watts begins with YOU.

And thus, we introduce LED Lighting Solution for your home, office and industry by energy saving LED Buld and Tube Light. As we know that, lighting consumes up to 35 to 50% of an office and industry energy cost. By using our LED Lighting Solution, lighting energy costs can be cut by up to 70 to 80%.

LED Lighting Solutions has many advantages compared to traditional & CFL lighting system:

  • LED lamps typically use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). A good LED lamp can generate twice as many lumens per watt as a CFL.

  • LED lamps last much longer than CFLs, as much as 10x longer (50,000 hours versus 5,000 hours).

  • LED lamps generate less heat than CFLs.

  • Decreased load on Air Conditioning systems

  • Lower electric bills

  • Not required ballast to power up and starter to on for LED tube light.

  • Less frequent lamp purchasing / changing

  • Reduced fire hazards

  • LED lamps typically are RoHS compliant, meaning that they have no or at most negligible amounts of hazardous substances within the scope of that compliance (lead, cadmium, mercury, ...). If you work long hours under a CFL Lamp, it weakens your eyes and affects your health. It contains toxic substances like mercury which can lead to cancer. Guess its time for us to go green.